Andrew Jarminski, MD


Aesthetic and Regenerative Medical Professional

Dr. Andrew Jarminski M.D.

My name is Dr. Andrew Jarminski and I know you’re tired of the constant, never-ending struggle with aging, weight gain, and wanting to feel younger and more energetic again. You’re not alone! We all want that.

But stress, poor sleep, bad eating habits, and life’s hectic schedule all attack our health a little at a time and before you know it, we are over-weight, tired, and aging faster than we should. Everyone grows older but how do some stay looking younger and more youthful than others?

We’re all too familiar with the answer to this question. “They hit the gene-pool lottery.” or “They have a lot of money and can afford to stay looking fit and feeling young.” I am here to give you a new scientifically proven answer! Thanks to years of medical research combined with advancing technology, I am able to provide you with a variety of proven products and services that can help everyone find a solution to their needs. Whether it’s improving your energy level, vitality, sleep, weight loss, or beauty concerns I offer top of the line products and services to help you attain your goals.



Dr. Andrew Jarminski was born and raised in the local Orange County, California area. He attended college in San Diego, California, and then went on to earn his Doctor of Medicine degree at the prestigious Medical Academy of Wroclaw in Poland. Dr. Jarminski continued his surgical residency program at UCLA Medical School, and has practiced medicine in both Orange County and Los Angeles ever since.

During his three decades studying and practicing medicine he has developed extensive backgrounds in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Plastic Surgery, and complex reconstructive spine surgeries. Dr. Jarminski has developed a keen interest in Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine, and has trained with the world renowned surgeon and The Doctors television host, Dr. Andrew Ordon. 

Dr. Jarminski is a big advocate of volunteer work, and has participated in several surgical humanitarian trips with the Eagle Condor Humanitarian Foundation. One of his leading mission trips took him to Peru, and as a team surgeon he helped to treat many poor and underprivileged people in rural areas.