Regenerative & Aesthetic Medicine

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Americans spent over $16 billion on cosmetic procedures last year. Now more than ever, the aging population desperately seek the fountain of youth. Nearly 25% of adults under 50 pursue anti-aging products such as creams, supplements, aesthetic or cosmetic treatments. The knowledge in the medical field has remarkably heightened over the last few years. We now understand how to balance hormones, the aging process, etc. Botox wasn’t even on the market 20 years ago, now we have dermal fillers and lasers as common treatments. Out of cosmetic procedures, 83% of them were nonsurgical treatments according to the National Laser Institute. Popularity in photofacial skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal were among the top procedures.

Regenerative Medicine

Also known as “Cell Medicine” treats, repairs, regenerates injured cells, tissues or organs. It’s not necessarily surgery, radiation or traditional drugs. It’s commonly Platelet-Rich Plasma, laser light, stem cells, supplements, or bioidentical hormones.


Platelet-rich plasma is the patient’s own blood drawn from their arm, then spun to separate out a concentrated number of platelets mixed with growth factors injected into joints allowing damaged tissue to heal and stimulate new cell production. This injection contains mild side effects of slight discoloration or slight sensitivity. Many patients have benefited from PRP and stem cell therapies to reverse symptoms of arthritis, heal joints, or recover from sports injuries so that they can live their active lives comfortably. PRP is known for: strengthening and tightening collagen, regenerating blood vessels, and restoring tissue structure.

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Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift rejuvenates the skin by combining fillers with PRP to help restore natural shape and improve texture and color.